Machphun’s Intensify CK

This week’s blog post is on another of Macphun’s awesome photography apps that is part of their Creative Kit package. This week’s entry is Intensify CK which is an app that allows you to add more “punch” to your images.

Intensify will allow you to bring out more details, more vibrant colors and comes with a ton of built in Presets from Architecture to Detail Enhancement as you can see in this screen shot. I have been using Intensify for a while now and I love the various tweaks you can make to your images to make them stand out more.

You can even make different Layers similar to Photoshop where you can stack a few different Presets to create the unique look you want and you also have the option of just manually tweaking your images as you see fit.

Once you are done with your changes you can export the image in JPG format like you can with most any other photo editing software and you can save the file in an Intensify format as well similar to saving as PSD in Photoshop in case you want to un-do your changes later and start over.

This first image of mine is an abandoned mini mart I captured for my Forgotten Pieces of Georgia series and I have already done my post processing in Lightroom CC.

The second version of this image is the tweaking I did using Macphun’s Intensify CK and I went with the Architecture Preset called Downtown to punch it up a bit more. The nice thing with Macphun’s apps is they can be used stand alone or as plugins in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.

Intensify does have Black & White Presets as well, but I prefer to use their Tonality app for those kinds of images as Tonality has some great B&W Presets as I mentioned in my last blog post.

Now, once again, Macphun’s apps are only for Mac users. If you are using an iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, I highly recommend you give them a try as you will NOT be disappointed. Now you can click the link and buy Intensify for your Workflow!