I am a professional photographer located in Roxboro, North Carolina and have been shooting for over 30 years. I started out shooting film in the 1980s and then moved to digital DSLRs and now Mirrorless cameras and I love the changes in technology. It’s so refreshing to be able to capture images today and show them to the client on a laptop or tablet immediately.

I started out many years ago as a portrait photographer for Kmart back when there were teams of real photographers traveling the United States shooting for all the stores in a specific region. Over the years I have shot for small to Fortune 500 businesses and my clients have been anything from small stores and restaurants to Cisco, National Geographic and non-profits such as A.W.A.R.E. Wildlife Rescue to Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club and Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society for their websites and Social Media channels.

I am a Best Seller on Getty Images and EyeEm with over 10,000 sales and my images on those platforms have been used for websites, billboards, magazines, as well as canvas prints to be hung in offices or homes. So many people, especially businesses don’t realize the value to great images and it’s certainly something they need to re-think, especially if they have an online presence. You want to get those new customers or clients in your door, not your competition’s and great images can help with that.

I shoot with Fujifilm Mirrorless cameras and professional studio lighting and know how to meter the scene to get you fantastic images that you can be proud to have out there in print or on your website to draw in new business. Additionally, I also offer Medium Format services as well with the Fujifilm GFX system to make super stunning, high detail images when your business wants to have the very best images without breaking the bank.

In addition to shooting for over 30 years I also have my Bachelors of Science in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA and graduated at the top of my class. With my vast knowledge of camera systems and other related hardware I was the “go to” source for students and the professors and I was the only Alumni Ambassador that the school ever had helping both new and current students. I was one of a few select students to have their images exhibited in the school’s Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and one of the only students whose images were used for the schools brochures and other printed materials.

I am currently shooting for a major international brand and have made over 60,000 images for a project they are working on, but I have also shot for small “mom and pop” businesses with as few as 5 employees. Give us a call or shoot us an email from the contact page and ask what we can do for you and how we can make fantastic images for your small to international business.


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