At Liam Photography we offer a variety of photography services for various needs, including Head Shots, Real Estate, Documentary, Editorial and Business to Business photography. We can also shoot new content for your company’s website, restaurant menus and most anything else for small to large businesses.

Has it been a while since your website had new images? Chances are some fresh, high quality images would help drum up more business and make your company stand out. People generally don’t realize just how valuable good images are on their website, menus or Social Media to bolster their business and help them be more profitable.

I know a lot of people and businesses think “well we can get by with images from a smartphone or point and shoot camera.” But you have to ask yourself, do your images compell new customers to eat at your restaurant or do business with your business? Do you want to leave your advertising of your products or services to images that look like they were shot by a 10 year old?

Fortune 500 companies hire professional photographers because they know the value of great images to bolster their business and attract new customers. They want their products to stand out they want to get that new customer in the door or buying from them online and they use high quality images to accomplish that. They advertise on massive billboards, magazines and Social Media and they are not about to leave their photography content in the hands of an amateur with a smartphone or a cheap point and shoot camera.

They hire someone like us to come in with real camera equipment and lighting to make professional images for their company. They want to know that their images will be made by a professional who is meticulous and will take the time to set up the shoot and light it properly before making that image so the final result is an image with high detail, accurate color rendition and looks realistic to the customer. They want images that will entice customers to buy from them whether it’s a new product like a MacBook Pro, a new set of tires for their car or to get customers to eat in their restaurant. All of this can be accomplished with high quality, professional images and these large corporations know this. Now you are probably thinking “I cannot afford to hire some big time photographer or advertising firm to come in and make content for my website or menus.” Well you don’t need to, you just need to hire the right professional photographer.

The right photographer will make the images, edit the best of the best images and then provide them to you at a reasonable price. You don’t need to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for great images for your business, those companies do because they have the budgets for it and they hire famous photographers who have agents and massive staffs to make the images. But your business can get great images from us for a fraction of the cost. Give us a call or shoot us an email from the contact page of the site and ask what we can do for you to help bolster your business and boost your online and in person presence. If you’re located in Person County, NC and especially the city of Roxboro, let us know and get 20% off your first shoot.