When it comes to photography, most any camera can make fantastic images. I personally use both Full Frame and Medium Format mirrorless systems to make my images. The Medium Format system I use is the Fujifilm GFX 50R and I love this camera as Fujifilm is famous for their Color Science. Medium Format means large images with tons of detail and lots of Dynamic Range to give my clients the highest quality details, especially for large prints like billboard, etc.

I also use Canon full frame mirrorless cameras as Canon has excellent Color Science as well and tends to render images with more warmth than other camera, which is great for portraits. Canon has fantastic AutoFocus and can lock onto the subject’s eye for an extra sharp, detailed portrait.

For lighting, I use Paul C Buff DigiBee D800s as the light quality is superb and really brings out the best qualities and details in my subjects for portrait work, product photography and just about anything else a client might need.