Macphun’s Noiseless

This week I want to continue my blog articles on Macphun’s great photography apps for Mac. This time I am writing about Noiseless, which is an app to remove noise from your images, making them look better.

When you are shooting in low light and using high ISO, you will end up with the grainy speckles in the photos known as noise. The reason for this is because your camera is attempting to compensate for the low light. Anytime you bump up your camera’s ISO settings you run the risk of introducing noise, especially anytime you use an ISO above about 800.

The nice thing with Macphun’s Noiseless is that is has different levels of noise reduction from Light to Extreme. I don’t recommend going too overboard as you can make your images look plastic and fake. As you can see in this example, you can see in the 200% zoom of my photo the noise in the image on the left side of the split window and the improvement on the right side of the split window.

The noise reduction algorithm that Macphun’s Noiseless software uses helps to make sure the noise reduction is as accurate as possible and is quite effective as getting just the right look to your photos. You can adjust the noise reduction manually to try and fine tune your images even more. Once you are finished with your adjustments you can then export the finished version of your image. You can save it as a JPG file or directly send the finished image in an email or upload it to your favorite social media site or directly to SmugMug if you use SmugMug for hosting your photography. So, if you would like to have the best in noise reduction for photo editing on your Mac, give Macphun’s Noiseless a try!