Macphun’s Tonality CK

This week’s post I want to share with you the reader about Macphun’s Black & White photography app for macOS called Tonality CK. The CK stands for Creative Kit, which is what Macphun now calls all of their combined photography apps for macOS.

I have been using Macphun’s fantastic apps for a couple of years now and I was really excited when they started offering all of them in a Creative Kit package.

I am planning to write blogs articles about the entire Creative Kit, but by going one app at a time and this week Tonality gets some love. First we have the Tonality splash screen which allows you to browse for an image to work with or drag and drop one into the window.

The software comes with some really nice presets such as Architecture Smooth, Architecture Mild, Rome and a few others and it even contains sliders so you can do your own customizations and then even save them as your own Presets. This next screenshot is of the Tonality editing screen.

Another nice thing about all the Macphun software, including Tonality is that you can use them as stand alone apps or you can use them within PhotoShop, Lightroom, PhotoShop Elements and Apple Aperture as plug-ins. The following are some final JPG exports that I did with this one image.

The first export I did I used Architecture Mild to make the image a little more interesting, there is also Architecture Smooth, Detailed and several other pre-made Presets you can use.

This next image I used Architecture Smooth, which makes some nice changes to the entire image, offering a different appearance and makes subtle changes to the contrast as well as to the white areas in the image. This next one is one of the few city named presets, called Rome. There is also London, Madrid and Paris!

I am currently finishing up the last 30 or so counties in Georgia for my Forgotten Pieces of Georgia series and I love to use Tonality to turn them into beautiful Black and White images and I think if you give it a try, you will love Tonality CK as well! Click my link to buy Tonality CK for your Mac Photography Workflow!