Peak Design Does It Again!

This week I wanted to write about a new camera carry system from the good folks at PeakDesign. I have been buying PeakDesign’s items for a couple years now, they came out with a nice camera carry system called the Capture Pro Clip. This unique system allow photographers to attach their cameras to their own belt or backpack straps and have a quick disconnect via a tripod style plate so you could remove the camera, shoot and snap it back into place when done! This first image is the Capture Pro Clip.

I bought two of the Capture Pro Clips systems and I have not regretted it once! They are high quality systems, made of metal and hold your DSLR securely, I have worn mine while riding my motorcycle and had no issues with it coming loose and losing a camera.

PeakDesign has also come out with their own camera bags, which are weather-proof and comes with a unique Origami-Inspired compartment separators. They also have their own camera cover and straps for carrying your camera. This next image is the Capture Pro Clip in action.

Today, I am writing about one of their new items, their Anchor Links system. This system allows a photographer to use their favorite camera strap and have high strength, quick disconnects, which make it easier to have multiple cameras and one strap out in the field! The Anchor Links systems works with ANY camera strap that has ends that are 1cm wide or less, which is pretty much the industry standard since the strap has to attach to the two metal slots on the camera itself.

The Anchor Links system gives you a strong, quick disconnect system for your camera strap so if you are like myself and have several cameras, you can quickly move the strap from camera to camera. When I go out on a shoot, I usually carry at least two cameras so I don’t have to change lenses in the field and risk getting dirt on my sensor. By using the Capture Pro clip system in conjunction with these Anchor Links, I can use the same strap with both cameras! This next image is of the new Anchor Links system.

Peak Design’s patented system allow you to attach Anchors to your camera’s strap tabs and leave them on all the time. They are small and non-intrusive so they don’t add any extra weight to your camera, but when you want to attach your favorite strap, just slide the Anchors into the Link on your strap and “snap” they lock into place! When you want to switch cameras, just push in on the Anchor and pull down and the Anchors release and the strap can then be added to another camera!

Another nice thing is, the small bungee cord-style Anchor straps that attach to your camera will change color over time as they weaken from use to let you know it’s time to replace them. I have had my system for a while now and no issues at all and I carry some heavy gear like my Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens for wildlife and this lens weighs a whopping 4.42 pounds! Anchor Links strap system in use.

I had been toying with trying to make my own quick-disconnect system for my favorite camera strap, which happens to be my gel-padded Canon CPS strap, but Peak Designs beat me to the punch. Best of all, the Anchor Links system only costs $19.99 and extra Anchors are $9.99 for a set of four, enough to attach to two different cameras!

So if you want a way to quickly and securely use your favorite strap on two different cameras or just remove your strap when shooting in your studio, I highly recommend the Peak Design Anchor Links system!

*All images belong to Peak Design and are used with their consent.