Canon & Nikon’s Answer to Sony

So as most everyone knows Sony started building Mirrorless full frame cameras a few years back and their early models had LOTs of issues. Poor battery life, poor EVF, crappy AF and the list went on and on. Some of Sony’s models have even overheated when trying to shoot video, which made them worthless for Youtube users.
Now, don’t get me wrong, Sony has come a LONG way over the last few years and they have ironed most of their bugs out, the EVF is better now, they added EyeAF to make portraits easier and better. They have even made a Mirrorless that can shoot 20 frames a second continuous (the Sony A9) but I have seen mixed reviews saying the AF is NOT good enough for sports or shooting moving subjects that are fairly fast.
Now as I have predicted for a few years now Canon and Nikon have stepped into the ring on Mirrorless full frame cameras with their Canon R and Nikon Z6 & Z7 models just recently announced. Nikon came out with the new Z mount to replace their much older Dx mount which had been around since 1959. Nikon is not doing away with the old mount anytime soon but their new mount is much larger allowing for much faster, wide-angle lenses. Nikon is also selling an adapter that will allow you to use current Nikkor glass on the new bodies.
Canon also came out with a new, somewhat larger R mount and they are using a similar sensor to the highly successful 5D4. Canon made sure they put their DualPixel AF system which crushes everyone else’s AF systems and the added EyeAF as well where Nikon did not. Canon has made it very obvious that they do not intend to lose their title as the number camera maker in the world anytime soon.
To be competitive with Sony, Canon and Nikon are also selling their cameras close to the same price point as Sony’s as well. The Z6 is around $2,200 with the lens adapter and the Canon R is going to be around $2,300 and $99 for one of their three adapters. Canon is releasing 3 adapters, one for EF and EF-S to R, one with a way to put filters in the actual adapter which will make using ND filters smaller and easier to use and I believe the third adapter will allow use of their cinema lenses on the Mirrorless body.
Nikon missed the boat as their new models will NOT have a battery grip option and Canon’s will and the Canon also uses the highly popular LPE-6 battery from the 5D2, 5D3, 5D4,
6D, 6D2, and 5Ds R models. Both companies missed an opportunity to add a second memory card slot, which sucks for wedding photographers and Nikon’s selection of new lenses is weak compared to Canon releasing like 5 new lenses right away. Canon did miss the mark on continuous AF in silent shutter mode, but said that will be released in a firmware update in a month or two.
Canon is certainly taking Sony head on for dominance and Sony has a head start, but it will NOT take Canon long to catch up in tech and the Canon will also not have battery or overheating issues either. Canon has hinted and possibly two more, higher end Mirrorless bodies next year as in maybe a real Pro 5D4 similar model with dual cards, etc and possibly a Mirrorless 1Dx2 variant, but we will have to wait and see.