Canon & Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Rumors






So recently Nikon announced that they will be releasing their first Full Frame Mirrorless camera this year and they have even released a teaser video about it that you can check out on Nikon

You can see in the video and stills that the new camera has a much larger mount than their current mounts. With as large as the new mount is, it might even be possible that the camera might even be larger than full frame, but I doubt it’s medium format. This is incredible as Nikon has not changed their mount since 1959 and it also will allow Nikon to offer more wide angle lenses since their current mount is so small.

There are even rumors that their will actually be two new cameras and they both have a Z designation with the possible names being Z6 and Z7 with the Z6 rumored to have a 24 megapixel sensor and the Z7 possibly with a 45 megapixel sensor, but we will have to wait and see.

For Canon’s part, there are also rumors that the big camera maker will also be announcing their first full frame mirrorless camera sometime after Photokina 2018, which starts on September 26th, 2018. We don’t have any concrete rumor data on this new unit, so we are not sure if it will feature a new mount or not. I personally think it would be smarter for Canon to keep it’s current EF mount that it already uses as an awesome way to keep their customers from switching to Sony or another mirrorless maker.

Canon has been dabbling in the mirrorless market for a few years now, but only APS-C crop body systems. For their current mirrorless cameras Canon decided to go with a new EOS-M mount so of course none of your current lenses will work on these bodies. Again, I think it would be much smarter for Canon to keep their current EF mount on a possible full frame that is unless they decide to make their new mirrorless system medium format instead of full frame as I have always wanted a medium format camera and Canon currently doesn’t make any.

Canon and Nikon have been getting flak for not releasing full frame mirrorless systems at this point in to response to Sony’s cameras, but I am one of the few that believes that the reason they have waited so long is because they prefer to release a completely finished product. If you know anything about Sony’s mirrorless cameras, they have had quit a few issues, especially with the cameras overheating and even locking up. Their AF system has not been the greatest and their battery life has been a joke. Now in their defense Sony has worked out most of their issues and their latest models are considered more stable and usable, but Canon and Nikon are NOT the kind of makers to just release crap cameras and then make them better later.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Canon and Nikon do officially announce and the price of their new offerings and of course Sony will want to immediately release something to counter the two big builders.