Camera Carry Systems

One of the toughest decisions you’ll make as a photographer is what carry system is best for your camera?

Today there are a multitude of camera straps and slips and other items for carrying your camera. What one is best for you is a matter of taste and versatility. One of the things that has always bugged me is why do the camera manufacturers give you such a crappy camera strap for your new camera? I mean if you are spending $500+ why don’t they throw in a good, well padded camera strap? The frees ones they give you are cheap thin straps that are very uncomfortable and it annoys myself and many other photographers.

Today am going to talk about some other options for camera straps and carry systems. One of the first I can personally recommend is called the Indigo Marble Soft Padded Black Neoprene Quick Release strap. Some of the things I love about this strap is the fact that it is heavily padded so that it does not cut into your neck or shoulder even with the heaviest camera and lens system attached. It also comes with a quick release system and instead of attaching to your metal strap loops, it attaches to your camera’s tripod mount on the bottom. You don’t lose anything because the strap attachment has it’s own tripod mount so you can use the strap with your tripod. I can wear this strap for hours on a photowalk and have no discomfort at all. It also has quick release clamps so you can set them and the camera will only slide so far up or down on the strap. This makes it quick and easy to slid your camera to just the right position to shoot and then release back to your hip. This strap is a little more expensive at $45 on Amazon but remember the old adage, you get what you pay for.


The second item I will mention and recommend is the Spider Pro holster system. I also have one of these and it’s great as it has a quick release system with a lock to it. You can wear your camera on your hip like a gunslinger in the wild west and raise, release and shoot very quick and easy. Once you are done shooting, slid it back into the holster, lock it and no one can snatch your camera in a crowded street or park. Spider also makes a double camera belt which will allow you to have a camera on both hips, as well as a less expensive Black Widow system which has a velcro fastener instead of a locking belt buckle but it is only for light cameras with a small lens like a 40mm STM Pancake lens. The Spider Pro and Spider Duo Pro are $125 and $250, but the Black Widow is only around $60.


The third option I recommend is a camera wrist strap such as one by Opteka. These are handy little gems and attach to your camera’s tripod mount just like the Indigo and the Spider do. You do need to still use one of the camera’s factory strap mounts and then you slide your hand into the strap and fasten the lock strap around your wrist. This system is nice as you can shoot street photography and someone cannot run up and snatch your camera as it is locked to your hand and wrist. The Opteka can be purchased on Amazon for around $9, which makes it the most affordable camera carry system.


Do you have a preferred camera carry system that I have not mentioned here? Feel free to post in the comments and let me know. Now get out there and make some great images.