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Nighttime Long Exposure

So this week I thought I’d write about night time long exposure as it’s one of my favorite photographic styles. This type of photography can be lots of fun but you need to be careful, especially shooting along roads at night and police will often stop to see what you are doing late at night along a highway. I have had a lot of students ask me how to do night time long exposure and it’s really pretty easy and some trial and error. You will need the following equipment: 1. DSLR camera with a charged battery and memory card …

Get Out of Auto Mode!

One of the challenges when starting out as a photographer is getting yourself out of your comfort zone. Many students find themselves using their Auto mode on their cameras because they are intimidated by the Manual mode. When using Manual mode, you have to know how to use all of the settings on the camera, what is known as the “Holy trinity” of photography. What I mean by this is ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Once you have the hang of these three settings on your camera and how to use them to create the proper exposure, you are well …

New site

  Bear with me as I work on my new site design. Coming up with a new site design can be difficult, especially when you do both photography and code. Trying to decide on a new look for your domain and then all the content you want to add, images, etc can be very time consuming. I think I have a new design that is nice and hopefully you will like it too! Thanks for stopping by!