For this week’s blog post I want to talk about composition in your photography. Good composition is making sure you have a strong image without a lot of clutter or unnecessary items in it that detract from the eye of the viewer. Good composition means your images only contain the “meat and potatoes” as it were to make for an image that the viewer looks at and says “WOW!” When I look through my viewfinder, I am trying to de-focus my eye and attention and concentrate on only what I feel will make the image strong and then move my …

New site

  Bear with me as I work on my new site design. Coming up with a new site design can be difficult, especially when you do both photography and code. Trying to decide on a new look for your domain and then all the content you want to add, images, etc can be very time consuming. I think I have a new design that is nice and hopefully you will like it too! Thanks for stopping by!